Our Approach

Clear and direct. We never promise what can not be delivered. Projects are hard so we will be honest and open about the realistic options surrounding issues as they arise (and they will, in spite of careful risk management). The good news is we will always develop workable solutions and move on to the next milestone. The aim is to continuously improve the quality of the project’s outcome.

Our Story

Members of our leadership team have collectively had decades of experience working together or individually at several global investment banks such as Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, ING Barings, Millennium BCP and Santander. They have run projects or worked on teams that deliver mission-critical software in a timely fashion in spite of technical and environmental obstacles that would normally introduce lengthy delays to such projects.

In particular, when using our architecture, software design and development services, we tend to look ahead and anticipate further user requirements. We then lay out the work in progress (plans, architecture, designs and code) so as to easily accommodate these expected change requests when they are made in the future, thus minimising any inherent delays and maximising the user benefit realisation.

The lessons learnt from these experiences, as well as the desire to ensure you succeed, will be extended to your project to facilitate its successful delivery.

Meet the Team



Kofi has led projects and high-performance software development teams in various industries including investment banking. He focuses on delivering robust programming products that are easy to extend and maintain. The aim is to ensure our client’s project products are retained for an extended period thereby safeguarding higher, longer term returns from your investment spend.


Chief Technical Officer

Neil has an MSc, Computation from the University of Oxford and years of software development experience gained from a variety of industries including investment banking and embedded system application development. Neil is also known throughout the industry as a tenacious technical problem solver who consistently delivers timely results.


Chief Operations Officer

Fred has had several years of distinguished service as a manager of managers. selecting and training many excellent executives during that time. An accomplished professional with experience of management in a variety of roles. His affable style helps bring out the best in people. Drawing on his extensive operational knowledge and project management expertise  he has been able to develop teams and build long term relationships whilst achieving excellent financial results.

Next Steps…

Do you have any specific project(s) that you consider might benefit from our assistance? Just get in touch to discuss your requirements further.