Why us?

We will bring fresh eyes, uncomplicated insight and an innovative approach to your projects to achieve the best results whilst providing continuous improvement to your internal processes. Together, with our decades of experience delivering projects in your industry, our partnership will go a long way to giving you the success you deserve.

Where will the work be carried out?

This depends on what you, the client, prefer. Certain services (such as project management of a client’s team) tend to be delivered on-site at the client’s premises. Facilities also exist for a full team, that we’ll assemble according to requirements, to be situated near-shore in order to develop the complete programming system product on a turnkey basis.

Of course, given the current trend towards remote working (following the global pandemic of the early 2020’s) an alternative arrangement will be where some team members work from different locations (including from home). We have considerable experience managing and motivating very high-performance teams who physically meet very infrequently.

Are iBOTTS services exclusively tailored to financial services institutions?

In the main, yes. It must be pointed out that we occasionally carry out work in other industrial sectors, such as embedded system application development for transportation systems.

At what stage of client projects do you typically get involved?

At all stages, even in cases of distressed projects that need considerable effort to get back on track. But, it is generally better to get us involved from the beginning at the project initiation stage or at least at the planning/elaboration stage. It is here that our contribution could be more cost effective to you.

Where are iBOTTS based?

The firm, which is registered in Harrow, United Kingdom, is virtually located. Our principals are usually based in London, UK working remotely out of their study, home office and studio. They regularly collaborate on specific client tasks and stay connected remotely. They often meet together, physically*, in order to plan, to discuss fresh ideas, to brainstorm solutions to clients issues and, as required, to spend time on-site with clients. (* as long as prevailing laws and rules permit this).