System implementation and upgrade services:

Banco Comercial Português S.A. (Millennium BCP), nr Lisboa, Portugal – Vendor System (Summit) implementation project

Providing technical consultancy (on behalf of the system vendor) during the implementation of the Summit vendor system for the largest commercial bank in Portugal. Deployment involved one principal on-site with the client and another near-shore with the vendor’s software development team in Eastern Europe. They crucially remained in constant daily touch.

Critical, time-sensitive intervention involved diagnosing critical system errors, improving the training of the client’s vendor system IT personnel and creating detailed descriptions together with fix suggestions. These were then passed onto our other principal, situated near-shore, who worked with the vendor system providers’ developers to fix bugs very quickly.

Further assistance included reviewing client implementation options and, when expedient, directly writing code on-site to enhance the system and resolve issues much more rapidly. This provided the client desirable outcomes such as significant project implementation time savings, better in-house support of the new system and improved decision making regarding critical implementation choices.

Project management services:

Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB), Canary Wharf, London, UK – Vendor System (Summit) upgrade project

The client required leadership for its compact vendor system (Summit) development team through a series of small projects that delivered user requested enhancements to this installed vendor system. At the same time, the client needed additional services to assist in software development work which ranged from new requirements, system extensions, maintenance and second line support (including its remote delivery). Examples of services provided included resource selection, work allocation, monitoring and controlling team progress against plans as well as source code development.

Following our recommendation, client senior management agreed to sponsor a small project with a budget of about £3 million. This project was the upgrade of the system up to a version with appropriate vendor support. This required preparation and presentation of the business case, upgrade plan and cost estimate for budget allocation. The client initiated the project and the team grew. The service our firm provided was the technical project management of this Summit upgrade project.

Although our on-site principal had no prior exposure to this specific type of project, nevertheless the project was executed and completed exactly against the plan, unchanged and on schedule, according to its original nine month timetable. All components of the complete and fully tested programming product (vendor system and client developed software) – exactly as specified – were successfully released into the client’s production environment on the precise date published the previous year.

Software development services:

Westdeutsche Landesbanken AG (WestLB), City Of London, UK – Vendor System (Summit) extension and upgrade project

The client’s installed vendor system (Summit) for Capital, Money Market and Over- The-Counter trading was approaching the end of its supported life, therefore the client decided to upgrade it. We were engaged to provide a range of services in support of the effort. This is an area where our firm has considerable experience. To assist the testing of the upgraded system a number of bespoke software products were developed specifically to simplify this aspect of the upgrade project.

According to the client’s requirements, several new software products were created to complement the newly upgraded system, thereby increasing its utility to the business. Furthermore, in order to provide functionality that the client required and which the system vendor did not furnish, other tailor made software products were created. One such product was a Foreign Exchange and Money Market trade archiving system written in a third generation language on a proprietary unix operating system according to detailed and specific business defined rules.

A final illustration of the broad range of services available and provided were the collation of various DBMS SQL scripts from different project sources and then the amalgamation and optimisation these as part of the upgrade effort. This provided the benefit of consistency and speed during the narrow period available to transform the production environment database in order to modernise it.

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