Software development technical services

Expert C++ development — including Object Oriented design & programming (classic/C++98/C++11/c++14/C++17), design patterns, translating algorithms into code, STL, RogueWave Tools, DBTools, UML.

Investment Banking product knowledge — IR Derivatives/Fixed-Income/MM & FX (including product pricing).

DBMS — Sybase, CT/DBLib, transact SQL/stored procedures/ triggers, design, development &
administration. Oracle. MySQL and POET object DBMS. Portable SQL development.

Vendor systems – Finastra Summit: v2.6e3 to FT v6.2 – Meta, Middle-ware, API, FT, Feeds/Reporting, Products
and Upgrades.

Operating Systems — Unix: Solaris, HP-UX, MacOS, Linux (including installation): development, administration, configuration, security; Windows XP/7/NT (.NET); DOS32/ OpenVMS/iOS/ Android.

GUI frameworks/ toolkits/api — VC++/MFC; .NET/C#, Win32, Infragistics; X11/SunOS OpenWindows; RenderWare 3D API; Cocoa Touch/iOS SDK; OpenGL; Java Swing/AWT

GUI screens design expertise, UX – layout ergonomics and designing associated language classes in C++/Objective-C/Swift/Java/C#; Android SDK/Java.

Scripting — shell: ksh, zsh, bash, sh; filters: awk, sed, grep. Perl. PHP and Python.

Source code version control and release management — sccs, rcs, pvcs, cvs, clearcase, perforce, svn (subversion), Git, Jira.

Miscellaneous technologies — Java, FORTRAN, C#, Python, Apache http server, Tomcat, MQ Series, Javascript, Orbix (Corba), HTML, Excel, VBA, Xerces C++/XML, boost C++ libraries.

Software Development Project Management and Technical leadership services

Line-, Project-, Technical management.

Inspired leadership through the full project life cycle (i.e. initiation, definition, elaboration, planning,
execution, monitoring and controlling, closure).

Work breakdown and estimating workshops with the whole project team (minimally with work package managers).

Planning, preparing & presenting realistic, achievable team plans (e.g. gantt charts) and performance to board level management and other key stakeholders (especially each project team member). Delivery according to these plans.

Initiating, monitoring & maintaining planned (in other words, according to published plans) team performance.

Mentoring, guidance & instruction for new and relatively inexperienced software developers.

Architecture for the programming system product.

Practical Object Oriented design – Extracting in a straightforward manner (a proprietary methodology), carefully selected bespoke, user defined types from the concepts of any planned application (in other words, defining a set of object oriented types or classes with deliberately simple-to-use interfaces – i.e. the public parts of classes in C++, Java, Obj-C or C#. This results in a bespoke interface library of object oriented types (classes) that closely match the chosen approach to implementing the software product. This interface is provided for and shared with the project team as a framework for type (class) source code definitions. We find this always results in cleaner task distribution and much clearer, self explanatory and easily extensible source code.

Training Services

Agile (e.g. Scrum) training services. Standard courses or specifically tailored programs for individual client needs. These training courses can be delivered on-site, online or at our facilities.

Service provision approach

We fully understand that each organisation is unique, as are specific projects within different groups in the same institution which will have their own exclusive essentials. Therefore, according to your requirements we will tailor a bespoke combination of services just to suit your precise needs. Talk to us, we are here to help you succeed.

First, we listen to you. Next, we’ll discuss and clarify the details and then prepare a proposal specifically for you.

Let’s talk about your specific requirements, we believe we can offer a tailored solution that will suit you well.

Next Steps…

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